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is an innovative coaching process that works for athletes and leaders alike

HRV – Resilience and Peak Performance

Großer Eisberg

The INNERPERFORMANCE program for athletes and leaders touches the mental and emotional levels, which make the difference in training, and most of all, in competition. When a ship hits an iceberg, it’s not the top part that’s visible, and that everybody is aware of, it’s what’s underneath, that causes the real problem. INNERPERFORMANCE mental coaching goes much deeper, beneath the conscious behavioral level, than most traditional coaching methods do, and that’s why INNERPERFORMANCE coaching really works. INNERPERFORMANCE coaching uses a relatively new scientifically proven method, called HEART RATE VARIABILITY (HRV). HRV measures the time variations between each consecutive heartbeat that is sending signals in milliseconds to the different bodily systems. So, it is a very powerful indicator for stress, physical health, well-being, emotional resilience, and cognitive and physical performance. In the INNERPERFORMANCE Process, we will be using HRV spot checks to measure stress levels to determine the use of relaxation response exercises and trainings.

Developing mental strengths

The Innerperformance training process enables you to reach a consistent state of emotional balance and confidence, which will bring your performance mentally and physically to another level.
The Innerperformance mental training techniques will enable you to handle tension and pressure, which are destructive to peak performance, a positive mental attitude, and emotional stability.
The Innerperformance mental training exercises help you to develop a winning attitude, and you will

  • Perform with confidence
  • Be mentally tough
  • Be emotionally stable
  • Be able to master the inner game
  • Be able to play to your potential

Expect the best and most modern techniques.

Only the best

I love what I do – together we grow, and enjoy the journey.


I help you to stay on track, get calm and focused.


I implement all levels, physical, mental, emotional.


I believe the quality of thinking determines the quality of performance.


I listen and inspire you. You will feel good.


Innerperformance Consulting

Different needs require different approaches



Good team work and team dynamic is key for successful performance. It is possible to learn the techniques and mental strategies that teams, and top athletes use to perform consistently to their potential. INNERPERFORMANCE mental training for team work trains and supports teams who want to become the best they can. It builds confidence and trust in themselves, others and in their teams’ mission in pressure situations. INNERPERFORMANCE Team Training

  • creates a healthy team environment
  • brings everybody on the same page
  • helps formulate a mutual mission
  • defines clarity over every team members role
  • improves team communication



INNERPERFORMANCE Mental and Emotional Management gives an athlete the advantage to excel in competition. Mental and emotional management means being composed, having mental clarity, being emotionally stable, an d always have confidence in one’s skills.
INNERPERFORMANCE Mental and Emotional Management

  • builds self-confidence and composure
  • gives the edge over the opponents
  • improves resilience to adversity
  • navigates through the universe of emotions
  • helps to perform to one’s true potential
  • assists to mastering the inner game
  • helps overcome mental distractions



INNERPERFORMANCE Personal and Leadership Development helps to understand yourself, and to understand the needs of others. It’s important to be able to decide for confidence, or success, rather than wait for confidence and success to come your way. A true leader has the mental strength and confidence to make those decisions that need to be made. Developing that self-confidence and mental clarity is what the INNERPERFORMANCE Development process is based on. INNERPERFORMANCE Personal and Leadership Development training

  • reflect on one's own behavior and its effect on others
  • increases focus, motivation and confidence
  • discovers non-productive thinking patterns
  • makes the choices that must be made
  • moves from thinking to action
  • increases all levels of awareness
  • establishes a clear communication network with and among others


Buchcover Zen-Golfgeschichten

Having a Zen Attitude to playing golf is the hidden secret to a consistently good and balanced game. Pro Golfers and anyone at any level can develop the same way of being in order to play the best game possible. A Zen Attitude is built on three key elements: awareness, responsibility and trust. Tao, the wise Zen Master will guide you through this book with his wisdom, and will inspire anyone to find their authentic game, and most of all their authentic way of living - in the big game, called life!

Innerperformance Consulting

Chris Hamilton

Innerperformance Coach and Author

“I helped many athletes and leaders over the past two decades to stay on track with their personal mission, and to remain calm and focused in high pressure situations.”

I have been involved in professional sport as a player (tennis) and a coach, living "the spirit of the game" ever since I met Arthur Ashe, who was innovative, balanced, mentally strong, a real warrior and pioneer, and way ahead of his time. He became my teacher and mentor and will always remain a great inspiration to me.

Innerperformance Coaching pays attention to the physical and the mental aspects of performance. Over the years I put more and more emphasis on the mental, spiritual and emotional side of the game, helping athletes, teams and business leaders to get back on track, finding or regaining their balance, purpose and fun, which is the foundation for success and a happy life.

In my Performance Coachings I always pay attention to the physical and mental aspects, because when physiology and psychology are in harmony, individual resilience increases, and we gain mental and emotional stability, which is the basic requirement for effective performance.

Innerperformance Consulting is geared to the individual needs of clients from different backgrounds like high performance sports (Soccer, DEL, SHL, NHL, ATP, WTA, PGA Tour) or businesses.

Chris Hamilton, Coach and Author

Innerperformance Consulting

  • „When I met Chris Hamilton I just took over a Hockey Team in Switzerland that was in a bit of a crises. Chris came onto the scene working not only the players but also intensively with the coaches. He gathered feedback from the players while observing from within how the team functions, also giving his feedback to the coaches on how to handle different situations more efficiently. He assets of communication and people skills, together with his positive personality he is very beneficial to the environment of a team. Chris offers ways to help the team to develop itself to be the best it can possibly be. He played a definite role in the success of our team. It became a real team and won many games because of its mental toughness and team spirit, which the Chris helped to create. I would highly recommend him to any team/coach who wants and strives to be the best it can be!“ Sean Simpson – former head coach of the Swiss national ice hockey team
  • „Chris Hamilton has been an integral part of my development as an ice hockey coach. But more important than my development as a coach, he has assisted my personal development. He has made me a stronger, clearer person. He has opened my eyes to another side of coaching which makes the coaching experience much more rewarding and enjoyable. In addition, Chris has helped many of my players and teams to realize their full potential. They have attained new heights in their performance. He attains these results by being very in tune with team dynamics. The players cannot help but be fully aware. The whole process makes for a great deal of success and fun!“ Greg Poss – former head coach German national ice hockey team and various clubs, “Coach of the Year” 2003
  • Chris has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air for me. As someone who is usually a little hard on themselves when it’s not necessary I tend to cloud my mind with the wrong things. Chris has helped me maintain a consistency of feeling amazing. With this consistency I am able to sort through my thoughts a lot easier filtering out the fat. It’s crazy how much it transitions to my on-ice performance. There really isn’t a right word to explain it. All I can say is just try it for yourself to understand what I’m talking about. Thank you so much “Ham Daddy”. Looking forward to maintaining this relationship. Sene Acolaste – Ice hockey player
  • „Chris is a man like no other that can help you in your personal growth and also increase your performance level in any kind of sport, team, or personal level. The journey of your life is taken to a new level and you will experience inner peace and confidence in all that you do.
When I met Chris my life and my career were at a standstill. My performance level had dropped and my purpose in life and ice hockey were next to none. I doubted myself and everything that happened to me was blamed, analyzed and dissected till I could barely sleep.
After a few meetings with Chris he started giving me some tools that I could use to understand myself, life and the whole journey. Accepting things and learning „that life does not always give us what we want, but more so what we need.“ Just that sentence taught me to accept and understand.
Since working with Chris, my career has taken a positive turn, I found purpose and happiness and I am at more peace. I know that I am always on the right track no matter what happens.” Gregor Baumgartner – Austrian ice hockey player, national team and Austrian league

Innerperformance Success Stories

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Be aware of what you’re thinking

I received a call from a German tennis pro in August 2006. He'd had a lot of success in the past reaching the final of the Australian Open and was at one time ranked as high as Nr 5 in the world. When we started to work together he was ranked 158. He had been injured for a while and for more than 12 months he could not get past the 1st round in major ATP tour events, he was struggling finding his form again. But what I noticed was not so much the content of what he was saying when we had our conversations that was so important, it was the phrases he was using, such as “I don’t think I can do this anymore” or “this isn’t working like it used to.” I supported him in becoming aware of how destructive what he was saying was, and how it had nothing to do with the present moment, or about what skills and resources he had to offer right now. We then talked over his resources, the strengths and skills that he could apply right now, such as his speed, experience, and a great counter attacking style of game, and how he could start to apply them in a positive and constructive way. Right away his focus was no longer on what he didn’t have or wasn’t doing, instead he was focusing on what he was doing, could do and decided to do. It didn’t mean that he would start winning every match, but it made things a lot clearer and easier to accept the results in a more constructive way. The most important thing was, a seed was planted in his subconscious mind based on what he wanted, and that was to be back under the best 30 best tennis players in the world. After a very up and down journey he made the semis in Wimbledon and was ranked 30 in world rankings again. Interestingly enough, that was exactly what he decided for, and that was exactly what he got. Not one place more, not one place less. So be very aware of what you are thinking!

The leader can affect the whole dynamics

I knew through our first conversation that Gunnar and I could work well together. He had many years of experience as a coach with a lot of success with many different teams, but this particular problem he could find no solution to it. I made an appointment to visit him and his team, and when he picked me up from the train station, I could see the weight he was under by the way he was just carrying himself, shoulders down, slow and heavy. Then, after a long conversation in private, I came to realize that the key to the problem laid in him. We went to the ice rink to meet the team, and as I walked through the locker room I saw players with enthusiasm and interest, but by the time I reached the coaches office in the back, any positive energy had disappeared. I transmitted this observation to the coach, and a light went on. We made a detailed plan for his training for the day, based on fun, hard work, and learning. He got his whistle out of the drawer and was ready to go. I accompanied him back into the locker room where he delivered the very dynamic and positive plan for training, blew his whistle and was ready to go. From that day on the team transformed into a team that wanted and believed they could win. They moved up from the bottom of the league to a playoff position and lost in a fantastic seventh game of the playoff series against the Cologne Sharks, one of the top teams in the league that year.e.

The leader’s way

One of the most interesting seasons I have had working with a professional ice hockey team, was the season with the Vienna Capitals when they won the Austrian national championships. We were having a good season, we were the best team, winning over 70% of the games. Even though it was lock-out year in the NHL, and all the other teams had picked up top players from north America, and we had not. We were on a tight budget, so we had to go with the players we had on the roster, so team dynamic was what would make the difference from any lack in quality. We were a team on a clear mission to win a championship that year. I had a feeling though, just before crunch time, the play-offs, that we were lacking something to make sure we could go all the way. We were missing two absolute leaders, one to cover the team and the other in the team. We had one player who had the experience and the respect from the whole team, but he wasn’t stepping up until we asked him to. It was as simple as giving him the permission to lead, and he did. The inside team leader was a true warrior, someone who would sacrifice himself for the team. Again, all it took was an invitation from the coach to take up that role, and he did. Those two players lead that team to winning a championship that no other team in Vienna had done in 43years, in a way that nobody in the league will ever forget.

You get what you decide for

Not all teams are easy to work with, even if you have worked with the leader of the team successfully before. One season I supported a trainer with whom I had worked with a couple of seasons before with the Cologne Sharks. He had put together a strong team as he always did, with a lot of top performing players, especially the goal tender, who was the number one goalie in the German premier league the year they won the cup. Due to us having done so well before, naturally the coach was hoping we could do it again, but the team didn't have the same intentions, they had no vision for winning a championship. I joined the team at the time of the season where they were struggling a bit and needed to decide what they wanted to achieve. We brought the team together for a meeting, but it started strange, because they wanted to hold the mission meeting without the head coach. I agreed even though it didn't feel right. A mission session starts with getting things clear about where we want to go, what we have for resources, and what steps we need to take to reach our goal. To get a clear realistic image they would really need their leader present. It was the goaltender who lead the meeting and suggested that all they should first decide, is to make the play offs, and then see what might happen from there. From skill and potential, they could have won another championship, but they didn’t believe it, so they didn’t choose to. Well, they did reach the playoffs, but lost in the 1st round to a team everyone knew they could have beaten. They dominated the first match in the series, but they found a way to lose it, and then it was done. Again, it shows potential is not enough to achieve something, “if you believe it then you can achieve it” and for that you need to make a choice, just decide.

Innerperformance Consulting

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Innerperformance Consulting

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